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Sportsmanship Issues


All instances of poor sportsmanship displayed by any player, coach, official, or spectator as well as all behavior-related technical fouls must be reported to CYA Basketball within 48 hours of the game or event.
Any displays of poor sportsmanship can be reported to CYA Basketball by anyone (officials, coaches, players, or spectators). However, reports are required from at least one referee and both coaches in the following situations:
  • Ejections of any player, coach or spectator from the gym 
  • Technical fouls (except administrative technical fouls) issues by CYA House referees or Cardinal referees

The Incident Report form on the left side of this page should be used if possible to report such behavior.  Completed incident forms should be sent to Referee Coordinator, Monica Despins ( or to the Sportsmanship Coordinator, Rein Kiewel ( and to the league administrator for the league involved or the Boys/Girls Commissioner. If the behavior warrants further investigation and possible disciplinary action, then the issue will be referred to the CYA Basketball Sportsmanship Committee.