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CYA House Rules 2006-07

Winter Program (updated 1/22/2007)

The rules for the CYA House Basketball program are now available for viewing or downloading. Click on one of the links to the left to view or download the complete house rules or the house rule summary. 

Notable changes in the 2006-07 rules include the following (in the order in which they appear in the document):
1. (pages 7-10) Participation (Grades 1-8): For this year only, due to the necessity of placing 10 players per team on each of the 8th grade girls teams, the 8th grade girls will follow the same participation and substitution rules as the high school girls. Participation and substitution for all other elementary and middle school grades remain unchanged.
2. (page 9): Participation (High School Boys): For this year only, the "bench quarter" rule for the 12th grade boys only has been suspended. This rule remains in effect for Boys grades 9-11.
3. (page 12): Forfeits (Boys High School leagues only): For the HS Boys only, teams must begin the game with at least 4 players but can play the entire first half with only 4 players. If a 5th player does not arrive by the start of the second half, the game is forfeit. For all other grades, the longstanding rule that a 5th player must arrive by the start of the second quarter remains in effect.
4. (page 18) Inbounding the Ball: To assist the CYA house refs, the rules for inbounding the ball at the start of the game, at each quarter, following timeouts, and following violations and fouls has been clarified.
5. (page 19) Time-outs (High School Girls only): For HS girls, when 2 CYA teams are playing each other in a CYA-facility using CYA referees or Cardinal officials, each team is allocated 3 full and 2 30-second time outs. The officials must be informed of this rule prior to the start of the game. In all other circumstances, the Friendship League rules of 2 timeouts per half applies.
6. (page 24) Double-teaming for Girls Grade 5: As an experiment for this year only, double-teaming has been disallowed for Girls Grade 5, even in the second half when backcourt pressing is allowed. Only man presses are allowed.
7. (page 25) Crush rule (Grades 3-8): For grades 3-8, teams trailing by 20 or more points at the start of the 4th quarter may request that the last quarter be played with a running clock (stopped only during foul shots). The request must be made to the referees who will inform the opposing coach and scorekeeper/ timekeeper.
If there are any questions about rule interpretations, please send these to our Rules/Sportsmanship Coordinator Rein Kiewel at or Rick Shryock at