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Our Philosophy


  1. We practice the ideals of leadership and sportsmanship
  2. Our program teaches lessons of value far beyond the playing days, such as teamwork, discipline, and concentration.
  3. We will do our very best to ensure each cheerleader is utilized to her/his utmost potential and talent.
  4. Each athlete is unique and develops at her/his own pace.
  5. We will exercise their bodies and minds in an effort to develop the skills needed to execute the sport of cheerleading.


Coaching is serving KIDS.  We are teaching kids the importance of TEAM WORK, POISE, CONFIDENCE, SPORTSMANSHIP and EXCELLENCE.  Cheerleaders will come into their own as athletes, without sacrificing the primary goal and privilege of serving as student leaders.  Cheerleaders will lead the crowd with a combination of grace and athletic ability; and they will be proud of their accomplishments without losing sight of their academic, school and community responsibilities.

As Cheerleading Coaches, we fully understand the cause and will lead the way effectively with great perseverance for our kids!

Cheers to our Cheerleading Coaches!


Are YOU interested in being a CYA Coach or Assistant Coach?

We always need coaches and assistants to help our program improve and grow.  Previous experience with cheerleading isn't a must, but spirit and enthusiasm is required.  Junior coaches (persons under the age of 18) are welcomed and appreciated.  Please contact the cheer coordinator, Shannon Bentz (cheerleading@chantillyyouth.org) for more information. 


















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