Data Privacy & Protection Policy


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Data Privacy & Protection Policy

Latest Update:  August 2016




1)  CYA Registration Database Access


Each CYA Sport Coordinator is provided database access to the sport they manage.  This access is established in the system by the CYA Administrative Staff.  Each Sport Coordinator can request additional access by volunteers to help manage the sport. Again, all access must be requested through and provided by the CYA Administrative Staff.  


2)  Data Use


Sport Coordinators and Sport Administrators use registration data for a variety of reasons such as to establish teams and develop communication channels.  Typically this information is confined to names, addresses and email addresses.  Under no circumstance are CYA Volunteers or Employees authorized to disseminate sensitive data such as financial information, social security numbers or background check information.  Further, sensitive information is not to be shared with CYA Employees or Volunteers unless consent has been provided by the CYA Board of Directors.


3)  Data Storage (Export/Import)


All data collected by CYA should remain secured in the registration system.  There are numerous reason's that require volunteers/employees to download information (such as team level data) for dissemination to our coaches/members or upload information into systems that allow our teams to participate in various competitions like Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA), Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL), Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), Little League Baseball, and a host of others.  Sharing CYA Membership Data in any of these leagues/competitions should be performed by the Sport Coordinators (or an assigned individual in that sport) and approved by the CYA Board prior to uploading.


4)  Broadcast Email


CYA Broadcast Emails are performed by the Sport Coordinators (or assigned administrative individuals) using the Demosphere Registration System.  Sport Coordinators are not permitted to send broadcast email to any other sport member family except for the sport that they manage unless consent is obtained by the CYA Board of Directors.  The Broadcast Email System is used to provide sport specific information to our members and is not to be used to market third party programs unless consent has been obtained prior to distribution by the CYA Board of Directors.


5)  Direct Email Opportunities


Companies like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp offer a cost effective way of providing professional looking emails to our members.  The CYA Buzz is a constant contact product.  All data exporting from the CYA registration database to any broadcast email company must be performed by the CYA Administrative Staff once consent has been obtained from the CYA Board of Directors.    


6)  CYA Website & Social Media Sites


Individual CYA Sports are permitted to host websites and social media sites with CYA Board Consent.  Sport Coordinators must provide an account with full administrative rights for CYA Sport Websites and CYA Social Media sites that are maintained by individual CYA sports.  This includes but not limited to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others that are designed to provide information about CYA and depict images of CYA Members.  Children are not to be identified by name or jersey number via a team photo that is posted to any of these sites without written parental consent.  CYA Administrative Staff will periodically review all websites and social media sites that are directly managed by CYA Volunteers and Employees to ensure compliance. 

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