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PRESS RELEASE | CYA Acquires Fieldhouse

CYA to Purchase Fieldhouse in Strategic Move to Better Support Youth Sports Programs and the Community

CHANTILLY, Va. (May 18, 2018) – Leveraging a unique opportunity to help solve growing space/field shortages and expand its offerings to the community, Chantilly Youth Association (CYA) is excited to announce that next week it will finalize its purchase of the building that currently houses the NOVA Field House, a 62,560-square-foot sports complex conveniently located right in its own backyard at 14810 Murdock Street, Chantilly, Virginia. The anticipated purchase gives CYA ownership of a facility that eventually will offer four full-size courts, a turf field, storage and office space, plus countless other opportunities to support the community. CYA will begin operating the facility on June 1.

Serving more than 12,000 children and youth who participate in 12 different sports, CYA officials have, for years, been addressing the shortfall in viable facilities … impacted by school renovations, facility management issues, scheduling conflicts, and substantial rental fees at private gyms and other for-profit spaces. The purchase of the Fieldhouse is a comprehensive solution to current issues with court/field space and scheduling, and it provides long-term opportunities for program growth and increased revenue to support those programs.

 “We expect that our investment in this building will result in a cost-effective, long-term solution that meets the needs of our many sports programs,” says CYA Executive Director Mark Abbott, explaining that the Association has plans to make improvements to the facility to better accommodate all CYA sports and CYA operations. The purchase was made possible by leveraging successful financial management positions and the Association’s capital improvement investments that have grown over time.

“Historically, CYA has had to expend significant funds on court rentals and turf investments to serve the needs of our programs,” says Abbott. “This purchase,” he adds, “allows us to consolidate our spaces and invest in ourselves … paying for our own sports complex that is available to all CYA sports and is available for outside rentals.”

Indeed, CYA officials envision a true “community center,” which not only will supply a central space for administrative offices, storage, awards, presentations and more but will strengthen the Association’s ability to host various community-based groups and clubs – for youth, parents and seniors – as well other leagues and associations. In addition, CYA members will be able to rent the Fieldhouse for birthday parties and other social events.

Having rented the space for many years, the CYA community is very familiar with the Fieldhouse, a conveniently located, state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility that supports multiple uses. Formerly known as Hoop Magic, NOVA Dome and NOVA Field House, the facility has served Western Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun counties for years.

“Our Fieldhouse promises to be so much more than just a sports complex,” says Chris Saben, CYA President. “It’s an incredible opportunity to make our valued community proud that they have a unique ‘home’ … for their children, for themselves, for the future.”

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About CYA.  Chantilly Youth Association, Inc. (CYA) began in 1971 as Battlefield Little League, legally changing the name to CYA in 2003. CYA has grown to include 12 different sports programs, each with their own administrative coordinator. With more than 12,000 registrants annually, the predominantly volunteer organization plays a large part in providing opportunities for fun, learning, physical activity and healthy growth for youth in the greater Chantilly area community. CYA also provides opportunities for parents, players and community members to get involved and give back through volunteering, donating, coaching, refereeing, as well as through charitable events and activities. CYA has 501 (c) (3) status, which allows donors to deduct money or services donated as charitable contributions. For more information, visit