Financial Aid Information - Fairfax County Residency Required

CYA participates in the Fairfax County Youth Sports Scholarship Program for recreational sport programs.  To qualify for this program, you must be a Fairfax County resident, and each season, provide a copy of your approved individual student's free lunch letter or MediCaid card and complete the application (linked below). Paperwork is not retained season to season.  Also, please note that assistance, for those who qualify, is available for one sport - per season - per player and does not apply to multi-sport CYA players, camps/clinics or competitive sport programs (valid for recreational/house programs only) or those run by 3rd Party organizations.  A eligible program registration with assistance and one without assistance is not permitted for a player in one season. 

The assistance program does not include equipment, uniform sets or jerseys.

IMPORTANT!  All participants who are approved for financial aid MUST pay half of the standard registration fee.  No player will be assigned to a team until the registration fee is received.  Please be aware that the registration confirmation is on the payment date, not the registration date.  This is important to note as a delay in payment may result in a Wait List status rather than Active.  Also, please be aware that late Financial Assistance payments are not excluded from late fees; registration must be Active.

Please email your completed application and lunch letter/MediCaid card to on completion of your registration.  Delay in submitting paperwork may affect your player's ability to be assigned to a team, for the season, as the registration fees need to be paid to be eligible for placement.  Thank you!

Application - English   

Application - Spanish

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