CYA Volleyball - Are you ready for Fall 2023?! (Updated September 10, 2023)

For the past two weeks, I have been working to make sure all players are where they need to be. I am not able to consider any further requests. Schedules will be available under the "CYA Volleyball Links" section on this webpage. Please make sure you know the name of your coach because that is how the teams are identified on the schedule. Remember that last-minute changes can occur if gym availability changes. Please check your email for updates regularly, but definitely before practices and games.


The schedule for the middle school boys is determined by NOVA Boys Volleyball League and will be finalized soon. The schedule for high school boys is determined by NVHSBVL. We will update as we get more information from these leagues. The middle school girls TRAVEL Wednesday schedule (Dave Lacey League) will begin on Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.

I am continuing to work on the schedule for the rest of the season and will get that to your coaches as soon as I can. I know everyone is anxious to have the schedule for the entire season, but it is very complicated and has many moving parts, some of which is not under my control (middle school boys, high school boys, middle school girls TRAVEL).


As we begin the season, please remember the following important information:

  • Players MUST attend practices and games for the team to which they were assigned (no exceptions). Coaches will be checking their roster to make sure everyone is attending the correct practice. I will also be stopping by from time to time to make sure players are in the right place. If you are showing up for a team to which you are not assigned, you will not be allowed to play. Coaches cannot switch players to another team.
  • Parents, players, and coaches must be respectful to each other, to our referees, and to our schools/facilities and their staff. Please realize that our coaches are volunteers who have children and commitments outside of volleyball. Your children would not be playing this season without them. 
  • While CYA does not restrict parents/spectators from attending practices, we do not encourage it. Practices are meant for our players to learn their skills and built a relationship with their teammates and coaches. Having spectators at practices, including parents who are not coaching the team, is distracting to the players and coaches. If you do choose to attend a practice, please do not coach your player from the sidelines or cheer. We are happy to have spectators at our games so everyone can see how their players are progressing. While coaching from the sidelines by a person who is not a coach is always unacceptable, cheering during game play is encouraged!
  • Players and parents are not allowed to wander around our facilities. For FCPS, we are only allowed in the gym and in the nearest restroom.
  • Please learn how to put up the nets and help your coaches with setting them up or taking them down, collecting volleyballs, and storing equipment.
  • Make sure you take everything you brought with you, including any trash. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ASIDE FROM WATER IS ALLOWED IN THE FCPS GYMS!
  • Players are required to bring a ball with their name and phone number on it and they are responsible for taking their ball with them when they leave.
  • Please arrive on time, ready to play, with water or a water bottle to fill. You cannot drink out of the fountain.
  • If not actively playing, players must stand on the sidelines near their coach. If they stray from the sidelines, the coach will not be able to put them in if substitution is needed.
  • PLAYERS MUST BE PICKED UP ON TIME. They will not be allowed to leave by themselves or wait outside alone. If you are unable to retrieve your player on time, please make reliable arrangements in advance. The areas outside of the gyms are usually dark and can be pretty deserted after our practices. We do not want players or coaches left standing outside waiting… ever. The facilities will most likely close after our practices, so we are not allowed to wait inside.
  • If practicing or playing at The Fieldhouse, no outside chairs are allowed and parents/spectators are NOT allowed on the courts at any time. All parents/spectators must remain in the cafe area.
  • Playing time at the SELECT and TRAVEL levels (middle school and high school) may not be even and may be limited if players do not attend practices.
  • Alerts about school closures and other important information will come by email. Please check your email often, and definitely just before practices or games in case there are any changes. This is very important because, unfortunately, schools are allowed to take our space at any time. If we know in advance, we will try to reschedule, but sometimes this will not be possible. When trying to reschedule practices, it is important that you respond to your coaches as soon as possible with your players’ availability. If a practice must be rescheduled, we would like your player to attend, but will understand if they are not available.


All Jerseys for those in grades 5-12 are purple this season (same as last season). Jerseys for this those in grades 5-12 will NOT be distributed at the practices or games. If you do not have a purple jersey or need a new one, please visit The Fieldhouse at 14810 Murdock St in Chantilly to pick one up BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH, as our games will begin on Saturday, September 16th. No number requests will be considered.

Jerseys for those in grades 2-4 will be distributed by the coaches at one of the first practices.

  • Grade 4 will begin on Wednesday, September 12th at Franklin Middle School (entry to the gym is through the front of the school, door 2.
  • Grades 2-3 will start on Monday, September 11th at Rachel Carson (entry to Rachel Carson gym is on the right side of the school as you drive in, near the outdoor basketball courts, door 6)

Following are the links to our rules and our code of conducts for players, parents, and coaches. Everyone should read these two documents and be aware:

CYA Volleyball Rules Grades 5-12 - Updated September 4, 2023

CYA Volleyball Rules Grades 2-4

Chantilly Youth Association - Code of conduct for parents, players, coaches  


We thank all of our volunteers! We would not be here without you. If you are planning to help at any time, please register and complete the risk management. All volunteers are required to do this prior to working with our players. Click here to begin volunteer registration .

Finally, please remember that this is a recreational, developmental league which is run by volunteers. While we definitely encourage a good competition, we would really like to stress the importance of good sportsmanship and team spirit, as well as having fun.

We are looking forward to a great season!

Please contact April Day at or if you have any questions.

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