High School Girls Volleyball

For this age group, CYA offers two different levels of play. Please read on for details on the different levels of play, in addition to the assessment schedule.


High School Girls (grades 9-12) Select Teams:

This level is for more experienced players. New players should not attend this assessment. There will be one (possibly two) practices per week and games will be played on Saturdays. Attendance at weekly practice and games is mandatory, so please let us know prior to assessments if there are any weekdays you are not available. This is very important because after a player is chosen for a select team, it is not possible to make changes. Friend/carpool requests are not taken into consideration at this level. After assessments, refunds are not possible. If you are not chosen for a select team, you will be automatically placed on a house team. Not showing for practice will result in decreased or no playing time in games 

**NOTE: Since our select teams will be working on learning more advanced rotations, playing time will not be equal.

Assessment date/time TBD.


High School Girls (grades 9-12) House Teams:

There will be no assessments for house teams. Players will be assigned based on their availability, so please let me know during registration if there are any days your player is not available for practices. This is very important because after a player is placed, it is very difficult to make changes and refunds are not possible at this point. There will be one practice per week. Games will be held on Saturdays.



All players are REQUIRED to bring a ball to practice. For this age group, we recommend a volley lite ball similar to this one:

Official size volleyball

Knee pads are strongly recommended.

Games will be on Saturdays, and can be scheduled anytime between 9am and 5pm.


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