CYA Mission & Philosophy

Updated Fall 2011


CYA Club Mission & Philosophy

Chantilly Youth Association strives to create an enjoyable, technically based, pressure free learning environment with a high degree of professional and ethical standards. CYA is committed to the growth of its membership base by implementing high-level educational programs as it continues to forge local and international relationships.

Every high-level club has a succinct and precise documented purpose for “existing”. A club philosophy allows every member, volunteer and professional staffer to have a common source of inspiration and guidance. We may agree or disagree on methods but not on what we stand for as an organization.

The statement above exemplifies what CYA represents; a standard that we hold ourselves to and have since the clubs creation in 1971. CYA is about nurturing the spirit of the game and developing healthy, content children. Our club is about education and all the benefits it provides us as players, coaches and administrators. Our club is about ethical behavior, not because other clubs are watching but because it’s about the right way to BE
The goal we all share as educators is to offer all of our players a common educational thread that allows for personal growth on and off the field.  We are committed to reaching that Goal!




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